Reduce Waste Costs


The current COVID19 situation has made many businesses re-evaluate their current waste arrangements and look at their costs to see if savings can be made, either from waste reduction (volume reduction) or by introducing further waste recycling – i.e. what opportunities are there to recycle more and improve their environmental impact.

Waste Handling Solutions Ltd have during the last 6 Months helped many customers to produce savings and part of this process has been to evaluate their current arrangements and to look into the options available to create those savings in detail, being:-


We have found that several clients had numerous bins, emptied daily, which on the surface looks like the ideal solution, but in effect adds to the costs, as potentially a larger container collected less frequently could prove to be more cost effective (i.e. less transport), plus if the waste was compacted, then that will also reduce the frequency (i.e. reduce transport) further.

If space is also at a premium and therefore a valuable commodity to your business for storage, then what are the alternatives – could your company compact the waste or would baling work for you?

Fly tipping

During the pandemic and the reduction of commercial collection services across the industry, we have seen an increase in fly tipping – is this something you have experienced as we may have the answer for you.


Are you making the most out of recycling opportunities? Have you looked in detail at the waste being produced, what can be recycled and if removed from the general waste streams, could this also reduce your expenditure?

Even though the cost to recycle certain products has increased in the last 2 Years, it is still far more cost effective per tonne to recycle than the alternative of sending waste away for treatment / landfill – what are you doing?

To help our clients, Waste Handling Solutions Ltd staff will carry out a free of charge waste audit (socially distanced of course) to look at all aspects and see if savings can potentially be made, this may involve the introduction of machinery (only if suitable).

Don’t worry, if you are thinking – OK – I’ve got to spend more to save, don’t worry, as the introduction of machinery (new or refurbished) does not need to be bought outright and can be hired (to include all maintenance and service costs). These units will normally pay for themselves through the savings made (subject to establishing true volumes etc.).

If you are currently looking at your waste costs and wondering what to do, then call our impartial friendly staff, who will happily help you over the telephone in the first instance and if we cannot improve things for you, we will let you know straight away.

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