Compactors for General Waste

There are different designs of compactors for general waste. All waste compactors reduce your waste volume, for the purpose of reducing costs. We offer a number of machines for sale or hire, these include portable and static configurations, the choice depends on different factors.

The benefits of having the right compactors for general waste are:

  • Improved refuse management
  • Reduce the number of collections
  • Save time and increase efficiency

What we will need from you to assist in optimising your rubbish collections:

  • Volumes of the different streams you produce
  • The rate you produce the various streams
  • The available space on your site.

The compactor solution will be a tailored to suit the individual business. The range includes Bagging Units, Roll-Packers, Portable Packers and Static Machines, as a result, WHS will solve your issues. View more details via these links : Bagging Units, Rotary Baggers, Roll-Packers, Portable Packers, and Static Machines.

We can also arrange the disposal of your waste  for collections visit

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