If you generate waste plastics or waste cardboard we have a range of products to assist you. Our machinery helps to handle your waste and reduce the volume. As a result our equipment will assist you to recycle more easily. Balers are used to minimise volumes of cardboard and soft plastics; being tied in bales to reduce transport costs.

Why do I need a baler because Cardboard Mills and Plastic reprocessing plants need the materials delivered in dense forms. In some cases compactors are also used to reduce the volume of Cardboard & Plastics, particularly when the volumes are low.

The banding choppers are manufactured in the USA and our sister company Balecom Ltd. is the UK distributor. They carry stock of models CE300 and CE450DDX therefore they can be delivered quickly if required.

The consumables for balers and compactors are held in stock by our sister company Bag & Bale Ltd.  The range and inventory of products are high, as a result, you can receive goods the next day if required. Every bale that is made is tied off under compression. The tying media is either baling wire, baling twine or baling tape. Bag & Bale Ltd supply all these tying media.