Products for handling Cardboard & Plastics

Efficient Waste Management Solutions

Struggling with waste plastics or cardboard? Our extensive range of products specifically addresses and diminishes your waste in an efficient manner. Our advanced machinery significantly reduces waste volume, facilitating a smoother recycling process. For example, our balers compress cardboard and soft plastics into tight bales, leading to substantial transport cost savings.

The Need for Balers and Compactors

Many businesses find themselves asking why they need a baler. Cardboard mills and plastic reprocessing facilities prefer receiving materials in compacted form for better handling and processing. Additionally, our compactors prove essential when tackling smaller volumes of waste, effectively reducing their size.

State-of-the-Art Banding Choppers

We proudly supply banding choppers, manufactured to rigorous standards in the USA. Our sister company, Balecom Ltd., as the UK distributor, guarantees swift delivery of these essential tools, including popular models like the CE300 and the CE450DDX.

Ready-to-Dispatch Consumables

For all consumable needs, Bag & Bale Ltd. maintains a comprehensive inventory of baler and compactor supplies. They stand ready to dispatch necessities like baling wire, baling twine, and baling tape for next-day delivery. This ensures your baling operations never halt.

Advancing Your Recycling Efforts

Choosing our cutting-edge services not only enhances your waste management but also aids in conserving the environment. We commit to offering tailor-made solutions that boost your recycling activities. Contact us today to discover how our products can elevate your recycling efforts and help you advance towards a greener future.

Sustainable Business Practices

Effective waste management forms a cornerstone of sustainable business practices. It not only ensures regulatory compliance but also demonstrates a commitment to preserving our planet. With our technology and expertise, we empower you to turn waste into a resource, thereby turning an environmental obligation into a sustainability opportunity.

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