Baling Wire

What types of Baling Wire are there?

Pre-Cut & Looped Baling Wire

This wire is stocked in two lengths, it is galvanised so clean to handle, packed in 25kg bundles and delivered on a pallet. This wire is suitable for Semi-Automatic Mill-Size Balers both Vertical and Horizontal and is in stock ready for delivery from Bag & Bale Ltd.

Rewound Coils

These are fitted to Fully Automatic Balers and are stocked in 25kg and 40kg sizes; ready for immediate delivery via the pallet network from our Consumables division Bag & Bale Ltd.

Baling Wire or Formers

These are large coils of wire usually 500kg – 750kg on a vertical frame for high throughput Fully Automatic Balers, you can order from us or directly from Bag & Bale Ltd.

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