WHS supply a wide range of Baling Equipment for different materials as a result – a solution.

Some refer to balers as Cardboard Compactors although if you are specifically looking for compactors please go to our Waste Compactors page.

It may be helpful to firstly go to Why Do I need A Baler. Please note that all of our balers for Cardboard and Plastic are available to purchase or hire. The machines which are purchased include a warranty providing they are serviced regularly. The hired machines are for usually three or five year terms and can include maintenance or not.

WHS supply Baling equipment in many formats and sizes to enable all clients to benefit from baling their recyclable waste. The format and the size depends on the dimensions of the materials you are baling and what quantities you have. The other factor is how you will need to load the baler e.g. by hand, with bins, using a forklift. Baling Presses can have large loading hoppers, safety trip bars, bin-lifters or be easily accessible for manual loading. Once you have baled materials we can assist you by collecting your recyclables and sometimes even paying for it.

If it is waste compactors you need these we also supply, in the same format and terms as our balers. We also have a division who arrange collection of waste and baled recyclables.

If you have baling equipment and you are looking for consumables our sister company Bag & Bale Ltd can help. The range and inventory of products are high, as a result, you can receive goods the next day if required. Every bale that is made is tied off under compression. The tying media is either baling wire, baling twine or baling tape. Bag & Bale Ltd supply all these tying media.