Balers for Cardboard and Plastic

Why Do I need A Baler

Whether to purchase or hire, all our balers are available with flexible options to suit your requirements.


Balers, warranty and servicing.


Usually available for three or five-year terms, with or without maintenance.

Equipment Formats

Our baling equipment, suitable for both cardboard and plastic, available in diverse formats and sizes. Choose your baler based on your loading needs – whether manual, bin, or forklift.

Our Baling Presses can have:

  • Large loading hoppers
  • Safety trip bars
  • Bin-lifters
  • Manual loading accessibility

We also assist post-baling, by collecting and occasionally purchasing your recyclable materials.

Waste Compactors

Waste Compactors for solutions that align with our balers in format and terms. Plus, discover how we facilitate waste and baled recyclable collection through our dedicated division.

Baling Consumables

Baling consumables from Bag & Bale Ltd. Offering baling wire, baling twine or baling tape.

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