Why Do I Need A Baler?

What Is A Baler?

A baler is a piece of equipment that allows your company to easily sort and store your waste where you generate it.

If you have the correct baler your company will be able to:

  • Save money on ever increasing disposal costs
  • Pre-form the waste (i.e. Cardboard/Plastic film/Bottles/Foil) into an acceptable format for recycling collections
  • Potentially get paid for your waste/recyclables
  • Reduce Floorspace
  • Improve housekeeping
  • Reduce Fire Risks by minimising loose compactable waste

Size of Baler

There are a couple of factors that would determine the size of baler that your company may require. The most important factor is the amount of waste that you are generating.

WHS can help you calculate this. All we need from you is the number of skips/bins that you currently have on your site.  The next factor is the type and size of the material that you would be baling. For example, if you have low/medium waste volumes but are handling large cardboard boxes this means that you would need a baler with a large opening door. The final factor is down to the size of the space that you have available at your site. If space on your site is tight or you are looking to free up space then a small compact baler is perfect for you – WHS have a large range of units available.

Type Of Material

Balers can be used to with any recyclable material.

The most common baled material are cardboard and plastics. However, a baler can bale more than just cardboard and plastic. It can also do: PET Bottles/Foil/Textiles and many more materials.

If you have more than one waste stream then there are many options available to you.

WHS can recommend the best option for your company as we can provide a free waste audit. Please feel free to call us on 01454 228899 email us at info@waste-handling-solutions.com or go to our contact us page

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