Banding Choppers for Waste Strapping

Banding Choppers are from Sweed USA, Balecom Ltd are the UK & Ireland Distributors. The ideal solution to handle Plastic and Steel Strapping/Banding/Scrap.

The machines are simple to use; once the strapping is fed in, the chopper automatically continues the feed. Safely contained within, the knives chop the material in to 80mm (3″) lengths and they drop out of the underside. The underside has baffling in order to prevent any accidental access to any moving parts whilst the machine is running. Similarly the inlet guarding allows the in-feed of the strapping but no fingers. If strapping wraps around an operator’s foot or hand he/she presses an emergency stop button or pulls a drive release lever. These Banding Choppers are very efficient and as a consequence of the operating features are very safe to use indeed. Every Sweed Chopper sold within the UK and Ireland conforms to CE regulations and is carries the CE marking.

The range of models satisfies most applications and the chopper selected depends on the specifications of material being handled. Additionally, the quantity of the material also affects the size of chopper selected. For example low quantities of plastic strapping (PET or PP) need only the model CE300. Whereas large quantities necessitate the model CE450DDX or larger. You will benefit by reducing your strapping volumes by 20:1 into a recyclable format, which we can collect for reprocessing.

The choppers increase in size and power to process large quantities, metal bars, tubing and industrial electrical cables.

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