Horizontal Balers

Enhance Your Waste Management with Horizontal Balers

Businesses handling 10-20 tonnes of cardboard or plastic waste each week can dramatically transform their operations with a horizontal baler. Designed to compact large volumes of waste, these machines not only reduce your waste’s footprint but also cut down your disposal costs. Consequently, you streamline your waste management processes and create an opportunity to generate revenue from recycling. To complement your equipment, secure your bales with the finest baling wire from our sister company, Bag & Bale Ltd.

Durability Meets Performance in Our Horizontal Balers

Our horizontal balers have earned a reputation for their robust design and superior performance. For example, the WHS650HDE model, celebrated for its durability, has thrived in the demanding climate of Kazakhstan. Its impressive performance led to a repeat order in 2018, showcasing our equipment’s reliability and excellence.

Embrace Sustainability with a Horizontal Baler

Choosing our horizontal balers means not only enhancing your waste management operations but also taking a significant step towards sustainability. These machines support your business’s environmental goals by reducing waste volume and diverting recyclables from landfills. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive support, ensuring your equipment operates at peak efficiency through our dedicated maintenance services.

Join Us in Fostering a Greener Future

At Waste Handling Solutions, we are dedicated to driving innovation in waste management. Our range of horizontal balers embodies this commitment by offering advanced technology and superior build quality. Recognising that every business has unique needs, we offer customised solutions to address your specific waste management challenges. Partner with us in our mission to transform waste management practices and promote a more sustainable future.

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