Nov 2018 – Kazakhstan Baler on its travels

The 65Te Force Horizontal Baler is off for crating before going to Kazakhstan; our 2nd Baler for this client.

Why did the client order a second machine?

We supplied the first WHS 650HDE Horizontal Baler to an oil company in Kazakhstan in 2012, this was fitted with a bottle piercer as its primary function was to reduce the volume of tonnes of water bottles that had piled up over the years. They also used it to bale large plastic drums, very successfully indeed. The site has bcome more environmentally friendly and know they can generate an income from baling recyclable materials, as well as reducing their waste disposal costs. The volume of materials to be baled had exceeded the capacity for one so another one was required.

Why did they come back to WHS?

WHS provided a heavy duty machine suitable for their harsh environment; -40° to +40°C, which performed as required and never let them down. For their second baler, they needed an easy to load machine, mainly for large pieces of cardboard. We discussed various options, including a conveyor feed and a design that allowed them to have a large loading aperture AND load from both sides of the baler, without out spilling from the hopper.

Was Health & Safety compromised?

NO – not in any way, one side and the top of the loading hopper was open (above 1.7m) to enable large volumes of cardboard to be fed mechanically, the other side has a high vertical panel with an INTERLOCKED door for manual loading; the operator can fill the baler easily but there is NO RISK of the baler starting whilst the loading door is open.

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