Portable Compactors

Portable Waste Compactors are like having the back of a dustcart sat on the floor; only transported when full.

Portable waste compactors are different sizes and types, as a result, WHS will have a solution for you. You can either have a skip-lift unit or a hook-lift unit, both do the same job but vary in size. The smaller Portable Compactors are usually handled with a skip truck and the larger machines with a Ro-Ro Hook-lift vehicle.

You benefit from better containment than a Static Compactor, especially if you are disposing of wet waste. A drainage system can be added at a very reasonable cost.

If your waste is dry waste only, it may be worth considering a Static Compactor. Although the Static takes up about 50% more floor space the disposal costs can be cheaper. A Portable Compactor, when full, is removed completely from site, emptied and returned i.e. two return journeys. The waste contractor provides a Ro-Ro type bin which the driver clamps to the front of the Static Compactor. When the bin is full the waste contractor brings an empty bin and exchanges it with the full one. The driver takes the full bin and empties it so there is only one return journey.

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