Portable Waste Compactors, more needed

Council Portable Compactor AJK24L LHS Door

WHS and Balecom Ltd have been a supplier of Portable Waste Compactors to this particular Council for 19 years.

The Council initially bought one of our “Ro-Ro Portable Waste Compactors” and were very pleased with the service, reliability and performance. So much so, that they ordered more every few years; the latest order was for six more units.

They install them at their Household Waste and Recycling Compounds (HWRC) to handle different waste streams. The compactors are filled by the public who bring in their segregated waste and recycling. When full, as a result of an indicator, the operator shuts all the loading doors and turns the machine on. This compacts the waste, similar to having the back of a Bin Lorry sat on the ground. When the Compactor is completely full, a driver lifts it up, takes it to the recycling depot where it is emptied.


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