Recyclable Waste and Recyclate

If you generate recyclable waste, for the most part we can help you find a home for it. If you produce Cardboard, Plastic or Polystyrene (EPS) or even General Non-Recyclable Waste we can assist. The best way to handle your Recyclable Waste and Recyclate will be a result of knowing the volumes of Individual waste streams.

To reduce the volume of Recyclable Waste and Recyclate you can buy or rent machines. You can simply ‘squash’ the waste using not only a Waste Compactor but also a Baling press. The size of Baler or Compactor depends upon the volumes calculated, for this reason, we offer free-of-charge site surveys. Not only do we supply new machines but WHS also used and refurbished in order to further reduce costs.

General Waste can be removed using our waste contractor partners, in order to save you money.

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