General Waste

What do I do with waste I produce?

We would need to know the different types of General Waste (waste streams) produced and the approximate quantities of each stream.
Depending on the volumes you produce you may require:

Your waste may include Recyclable Material such as Cardboard or Plastic, in which case you may also have a requirement for a Baler.

Can you collect my waste?

Once we know what waste and recyclable material you are generating we can collect:

  • General Waste is processed in a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), therefore avoiding Landfill.
  • Baled Cardboard is re-pulped in a Mill, as a result, it will then become recycled cardboard.
  • Baled Plastic goes to a Polymer Reprocessing Plant, in the same way, it will exit as recycled product.

Can you help?

Yes we can, please contact us or telephone 01454 228899 and we can talk through your requirements and arrange a ‘No Obligation’ site survey and report.

We can assist you by reducing your waste volumes and consequentially your waste costs because this will result in a reduced number of collections AND you may be able to generate an income by selling your baled cardboard and baled plastic.

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