8010/8015 Cabinet-Style Baler

8010/8015 Cabinet-Style Baler

Who is a 8010/8015 Cabinet-Style Baler suitable for?

The 8010/8015 Cabinet-Style Baler is suitable for businesses generating medium to large volumes of one waste stream e.g. Cardboard, Plastic, Paper, Textiles, Containers, etc…

What is the electricity supply for an 8010/8015 Cabinet style Baler?

The 8010 Balers require a 3-phase electrical supply and produce bales weighing 60-80kg.

Similarly, the 8015 Balers requires a 3-phase electrical supply and produce bales weighing ~150kg.


Above all, our 8010/8015 Cabinet-Style Balers are refurbished and available to purchase or hire.

The machines are in stock, as a result, availability is therefore only about 4 weeks. We include delivery, installation and on-site training, as well as a baling twine starter pack. All we require from yourselves is clear access, a 3-phase power supply and material to bale for training.

WHS stock a wide range of balers and compactors therefore we can help if an alternative is required. It may help looking at Why Do I Need A Baler

to ascertain the best solution please call us on 01454 228899, fill in the contact form or email info@waste-handling-solutions.com

Consumables for this Baler

Visit Bag & Bale Ltd. as a consequence, you may save money on your baling twine.

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