WHS 500HD NEW Horizontal Baler

500HD Baler

A long standing national client of WHS needed to bale their cardboard rather than compacting to increase their revenue. The operators had used a compactor with wheelie bins full of cardboard,  via a big inlet. The large inlet on the WHS 500HD New Horizontal Baler was ideal, enabling operators to load whole pieces of cardboard. The WHS 500HD New Horizontal Baler has a shear blade, as a result, the waste cardboard is processed quickly.

Why use a WHS 500HD Baler and not a compactor?

Waste cardboard is crushed by the compactor, the cardboard is baled by others, who benefit financially. The baler produces dense Mill-Size wire tied Bales which, as a result, can be sold for recycling. You can gain financially from baling rather than compacting, the income depends on what tonnage you produce.

Why did the client return to Waste Handling Solutions Ltd?

This client has relied on WHS for over 10 years to provide correct advice on how to handle their waste. WHS has always provided them with the best and most cost effective solution at depots and distribution centres. WHS rent them some equipment, other machinery they have purchased and in all cases they have regular servicing and maintenance.

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