Static Compactor with Bin-Lifter

Static Compactor With Bin-Lifter

Why use a Static Compactor with Bin-Lifter?

Large volumes of dry waste will be more cost effective handled by using a Static Compactor with a Bin-Lifter.

As a result, your waste volume will reduce by at least 4:1 which, above all, reduces your transport costs.

Therefore, you will benefit from the containment design of a Portable Compactor if you are producing wet waste.

Compactors have a number of loading system options, including Manual Loading.

What sizes are they?

Static Compactors vary in size, as a consequence, we can always provide a solution.

The power packs are electro-hydraulic, as a result, most machines require a 32A 3-phase electrical supply.


Static Compactors are available to purchase or hire; New or Refurbished which helps to satisfy budgets and savings.

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