Tipper Hoppers

Tipper Hoppers 0.25 – 1.00m3

Who uses Tipper Hoppers?

The generation of dense waste products, is better handled using a tipper hopper (or Tipping Skip). Using a Tipper Hopper and a Forklift Truck increases efficiency as well as safety. As a result, we supply them with our Banding Choppers when chopping Steel Wire, Steel Banding or Steel Bar.

Are there different sizes of Hoppers?

As Different waste volumes produced, as a consequence, the sizes range from 0.25m3 to 1.0m3. They are transported using a Forklift Truck and unloaded normally. This couples efficiency and above all, safety.
As a result of large waste volumes produced please see our Waste Collections page or visit WHS Environmental. Furthermore, you may require a compactor

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