Manual Loading Screw Compactor

Manual Loading Screw Compactor

Who uses a Manual Loading Screw Compactor?

A Manual Loading Screw Compactor is very efficient at reducing the volume of EPS by up to 50:1 to enable an economic means of recycling. Screw Compactors can also separate liquids from solids e.g. Drinks Bottles, Juice Cartons, Yoghurt Pots etc… Companies who use Screw Compactors include: Food & Drink Producers, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Domestic Appliance Distributors, Fish Processors, etc…

What sizes are these machines?
How are they powered?

There are different sizes of Screw Compactors each producing a different size of log depending on the throughput required. The entry level compactors require a 32A 3-phase electrical supply. However, other loading options include a Bin-Lifter.


Our Screw Compactors are only available as new but they are still available to purchase or hire.

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