Saphir 800AT

Who is a Saphir 800AT Fully Automatic Baler suitable for?

The model 800AT is ideal for companies who need to bale Waste Products such as Rigid Plastics, RDF, very high volumes of Cardboard, etc… This powerful baler has 80 tonnes of force, a shear blade and a throughput of up to 13 tonnes per hour (300-450 tonnes per week). The Saphir 800AT is normally Conveyor fed but other Ancillary Equipment can be utilised.

What does the bale weigh and how is it powered?

These Fully Automatic Balers produce mill-size bales weighing 400-800kg at a rate of 8-13 tonnes per hour. The automatic tying system is vertical (Horizontal is optional), it has a shear blade and requires a 150A 3-phase electrical supply.


The Saphir 800AT Fully Automatic Baler is only available as new but is available to purchase or hire.

Consumables for this Baler

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