Skip-Lift Compactor with Bin-Lifter

Who needs a Skip-Lift Portable Compactor with Bin-Lifter?

Companies who produce non-recyclable (black bag) waste and fill large bins or containers could benefit from using a Skip-Lift Portable Compactor with Bin-Lifter to reduce the volume of their waste. This compactor takes up less space than a Hook-Lift Ro-Ro Type Compactor and is emptied using a Skip Vehicle. The most popular size is the 10m3 (14yd3) compactor although larger and smaller sizes are available. The unit shown is equipped with a Bin-Lifter, if not required we also supply a Manual Loading version.

What sizes are they? How are they powered?

The Skip-Lift Portable Compactors range from 6-14m3 (8-18yd3) and normally require a 32A 3-phase electrical supply.


The Hook-Lift Portable Compactors are available to purchase or hire; New or Refurbished.

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