What processes did WHS use to help this client?

WHS firstly carried out a free-of-charge waste audit to establish the different waste streams and how the company produced them. The current waste disposal arrangements were analysed to find out the volumes collected, the frequency of collections and the waste disposal costs. WHS then compiled proposals for stepped solutions to enable the most efficient methods of waste volume minimisation to be implemented and demonstrate a reduction in waste disposal costs.

Why did the client choose WHS?

WHS provided detailed proposals and each waste stream was addressed separately. The changes were made in steps throughout 2018 so the client could experience the benefit and savings applied to each waste stream before moving onto the next step. WHS delivered exactly what they said they would and the client benefitted as planned.

What Equipment did WHS Supply?

How did the client benefit?

  • They eliminated the cost of sending documents away for secure destruction, they  can now assure their clients that no personal data leaves their premises.
  • All their cardboard is now formed into mill size (~500kg) Bales and as a result, is transformed in to a commodity from which an income can be generated.
  • Similarly, all their Plastic Film is baled and can be sold.
  • Having removed all recyclable waste the remaining General waste is collected in 1100 litre Wheelie bins and the in-bin compactor reduces the volume. As a consequence the number of wheelie bins being emptied is reduced and so are the waste disposal costs.
  • The de-watering screw compactor eliminated a full time manual job by automatically perforating and squeezing water from filled plastic containers, it then compacts the products. The client benefits from freeing up labour and minimising waste volumes.

Was the client Happy with WHS?

Yes, WHS provided economic and environmental beneficial solutions helping our client reduce costs and its carbon footprint.                                                         Please see the quotation below from an editorial in a trade magazine.

” For instance, we started working with Waste Handling Solutions, one of the UK’s leading suppliers in the field of waste handling equipment, approximately one year ago and in that time, they have helped us to implement new recycling equipment and processes. This year alone we have reduced our volume and cost going into general waste by 40 per cent. With bigger balers and a de-watering screw our waste needs less downstream processing and therefore is worth more. Equally important is that we have removed nearly a full-time equivalent role in production from processing waste, which, to be frank , is probably the worst job there was to have in that team! Particularly important as part of our GDPR compliance we can now shred all media holding personal data onsite removing the risk of data breaches downstream.”